Mobility 46 is a Swedish tech company leading the digitalization of parking and e-mobility services. Our proven solutions deliver greatly reduced administration, increased parking revenue and a new end customer experience.

Our mission is to empower property owners and facility managers with tools to explore and exploit parking assets, and to easily manage processes for parking and mobility services to exceed expectations from demanding, modern customers. Both in off-street and on-street parking locations

The cloud-based Park46 Parking business support system integrates all parking-related processes into one user-friendly platform with support for EV-charging, vehicle-sharing pools and other value-adding services.

Our Parking & Mobility Management platform is used to operate and manage a large and quickly growing number of smart garages. We are integrating connected EV-charging solutions, smart carpool-solutions and other mobility services to re-define the parking industry - and the way end users experience garages. All with integrated, intelligent billing. We have an abundance of ideas on how to make our customers' parking business fly, and need more brains and hands to implement them into our products.


Reference customers

Parkando – the modern parking operator, based on Park46

In order to get a live testbed for digitalizing the parking industry, we founded the disruptive parking operator Parkando a few years ago. Based on our own parking management system, combined with a Mobile App for the end users, Parkando started operating carparks and garages in competition with the established parking operators.

In carparks operated by Parkando, carpark owners have enjoyed a 70% reduction in administrative costs. Increased operational efficiency thanks to digitalized, integrated and centrally managed processes are realized almost instantly.

Key features to reaching better utilization of parking assets include addressing parking contract types (day/night+weekend/pool), categorization of parking spots for price differentiation (small/standard/premium, with or without charging etc.) and shortened lead times between revenue-generating contracts. The average increase in revenue from the parking objects operated by Parkando is 46% to date – representing tremendous value for the property owners.

In 2017, Parkando was sold to become an independent company, basing their operations on the Park46 platform. The technology development remained, and in summer 2017 we took the name Mobility46.

Mobility 46 contract and pilot customers:

Despite the fact that the platform supplier Mobility46 has only been active as an independent company for a short period of time, we have commercial contracts with some of the largest property and facility management companies in Sweden, such as Fastighetsägarna and AdEx/Fastum. In addition, we are running live pilots with Fabege AB, Vasakronan/Estate and Alecta/Newsec.