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Park46 is our Business support system which digitalizes and integrates all parking management processes into one single, user-friendly administration tool. Our system makes it extremely easy for parking asset owners and their facility management suppliers to cut administrative costs, optimize parking revenue and to widen the parking offer with a variety of new mobility services.

- Digital, automated processes: Based on the unique parking contracts, subscriptions/memberships and actual usage/consumption, end users are automatically billed through the system for all parking-related services.

- New customer experience: End users - parking customers - use our customer-branded mobile app with a digital, encrypted key to enter parking areas and garages, and to access parking-related services, such as car pools and EV-charging.

- Accurate information is key to making the right business decisions: Park46 generates and presents all relevant data on utilization levels, vacancies, pricing and revenue, on-demand and through dashboards.